Our values reflect our history and the spirit of the community of Mill Valley. Those values are:

  • MEMBER INVOLVEMENT - We are member-owned. Members serve on our Board which directs strategy & policies and guides & supports our management team. Members run and support tournaments and social events
  • A PLACE FOR COMPETITION & RELAXATION - This is not a place for business. Cell phone usage is restricted to two designated areas. Politics have no place here and fund-raising is limited to a few club-sponsored activities
  • MEMBER SELF-DISCIPLINE - Members are expected to be familiar with our policies and rules and to follow them. When our staff has to remind us of our own rules, we have failed them, and ourselves. By the way, this extends to our children
  • A SAFE PLACE FOR CHILDREN - Our facilities and policies are set up to keep our children safe but facilities and policies only go so far. We all have a role to play in keeping our children - all our junior members - safe
  • RESPECT FOR EACH OTHER UNDER ALL CIRCUMSTANCES - We show respect for fellow Members and our staff team. There is no place for harsh words or abusive behavior at MVTC

These values enable us to retain the informal nature of the Club that is so treasured by us all.