We are a private, family oriented club. We have nearly as many juniors as adult members. The vast majority of members live in Mill Valley.

We have two types of Membership:

  • Tennis – Tennis Members get access to all things Tennis, Social and Swimming.
  • Swim – Swimming Members get full access to all things Social and Swimming.

New Member applicants need to:

  • Be Sponsored by two current Proprietary Members
  • Complete an application form
  • Pay a non-refundable application fee

All applicants will go on a wait list until there is an opening available.  We intentionally keep our Membership low to minimize overcrowding of our our clubhouse, courts and pool. 


We currently have two waitlists for membership:

  • Tennis membership (Tennis membership includes swimming)
  • Swim membership (Swim membership does not allow access to the tennis courts). 

The waitlists are approximately 5 years for Swim and 6 years for Tennis.

We encourage you to sign up for both waitlists as you may be invited to join as a Swim Member sooner and then transfer to a Tennis Membership when a Membership becomes available.  You are welcome to sign up for both lists if you pay the deposit for each.  If you choose to add yourself to the Swim waitlist at a later date, you will be added to the bottom of the list.

We are a privately owned club with a limited number of memberships to keep the membership count low. Below are the Membership applications and the Sponsorship application for you to review. (Sponsors have to be proprietary Members of the club, which only include tennis Members who have voting privileges).  You will need two proprietary sponsors to apply for Membership. The initiation fee for Tennis Family Membership is $9,600 ($800 of which is a non-refundable deposit) and the initiation fee for Swim Family Membership is $4,500 ($500 of which is a non-refundable deposit).

For more information and details how to apply, please contact our General Manager, Sean Pakenham at or (415) 388-2029.