We are committed to Competitive and Social tennis

Competitive Tennis Program

  • League Teams  – Over 30 teams at almost every playing level for men, women and mixed doubles
  • Tournaments – Club Championships for players of all levels. Annual host of Marin Championships Tournament, a Category II USTA tournament which draws players from all over the country

Social Tennis Program

  • Social Tournaments – 8 are scheduled each year (and played – weather permitting!)
  • Member Mixers & Monthly Drop Ins – For Members looking to expand their tennis horizons

Junior Tennis

  • Summer Camps are hosted throughout the summer. Our Summer Camps are open to non-members; however members have priority on all spaces.
  • Year-round after school programs
  • Junior Club Championships and Junior Ladder play

We do not let league tennis monopolize MVTC.
We preserve court time for social play and pick-up games!

Tennis Lessons

For more information, please contact our Tennis Director, Clarisse Baca at .

Junior Merit Player Program

The Junior Merit Player Program is designed to provide a supportive environment where young persons can practice and develop their tennis and citizenship skills. The Applicant’s interest in developing these skills is more important than how well they play tennis. Thus, we ask that parents discuss and confirm with the Applicant that he or she has enough time and interest to play tennis and become involved in programs and activities at the Club. We also ask that the parent consider the level of independence and maturity of the Applicant and assess whether it is an appropriate time for the Applicant to apply for Junior Merit Player Program. As parents will not be members of the Club, an Applicant must be mature enough to look after him or herself while at the Club and to introduce him or herself to other members.

The Club set the cost of a Junior Merit Player Program at a level which would be reasonably accessible to young persons. The Club also makes a special effort to assess Junior Merit Player Program applicants as they are received. While the Club recognizes the children who are part of a Family Membership may have little or no interest in tennis or the Club, it assumes that there will be a special commitment from Junior Merit Players to play and become involved in the Club. Children on the regular membership waitlist are not eligible for the Junior Merit Player Program as it is assumed their family’s have no financial difficulties accessing competitive tennis coaching, etc.

The application consists of a form for the Applicant to fill out. The Sponsoring Member or a local professional tennis coach must also submit a letter of recommendation or directly speak to the Junior Development Committee Chairperson about the child’s ability and desire to pursue tennis excellence.

Once the application has been completed and submitted to the Club Office, it will be evaluated by the Junior Development Committee Chairperson. The Chairperson will read the application and will call the Applicant to arrange an interview. The interview is usually an invitation to discuss the membership and an invitation to play tennis at the Club with the Chairperson. The Chairperson will also call you and the Sponsoring Member to answer questions and obtain additional information. Once that is done, the Chairperson will make a recommendation to the Tennis and Membership Chairpersons who will then solicit approval at the Board level at the next monthly Board meeting. If the Board accepts the recommendation, the Applicant will receive membership. There is a limit to the amount of Junior Merit Players that the club can provide. The entire process takes about a month (sometimes a bit longer depending on when the next monthly Board meeting will occur.)

Learn more about the Junior Merit Player Program